Our Advantages

NeoPay specialises in creating payment processes tailored to clients’ needs. We combine the functionality of traditional systems with new fintech capabilities into immaculate digital customer experience.

With NeoPay, individuals and businesses can transact with customers worldwide while using the current account with guaranteed security and quick payments.


NeoPay handles all aspects of your payments’ process. We create a payment network which enables you to receive wire transfers and card payments that will settle into your own personal IBAN account.


NeoPay's service philosophy is proactive, not reactive. We monitor banking regulations 24/7 to identify issues and address them on time to ensure smooth operations for you and your clients.


Business Oriented

NeoPay's setup consists of professionals who understand your need for bespoke payment solutions. Instead of being tech-savvy and focusing on the digital aspect of the industry, we partnered with technology providers to bring you our expertise and business mindset via our banking network.